Bio-friendly Odor Eliminating Cleaners for all your Outdoor Adventures. Clean Trek is perfect for cleaning hiking and camping equipment, technical gear, personal hygiene, hunting equipment, RVs, and more.

You prefer a small tent under a big sky over a parking space and a corner office. 

You Are Our People.



We Share your passion for the outdoors. We play hard, hike the longer trails and demand the most from our equipment.  That's what drives us to make the best products we can.  We work hard so we can play hard, and taking care of our clothing, boots, packs and technical gear is paramount.  Our Clean Trek formula is Eco-friendly and keeps our bodies and gear odor free and lasting longer.  After all, we enjoy our time in the back country but we don't necessarily want to smell that way.  Clean Trek makes that possible.

The new Clean Trek line of personal hygiene products is designed specifically for those with a passion for adventure. From an afternoon on a local bike trail, to a simple weekend getaway at the local Lake - or a longer journey well off the grid - Clean Trek Products allow you to enjoy all nature has to offer - while leaving you feeling as clean and fresh as mountain air.