Bio-friendly Odor Eliminating Cleaners for all your Outdoor Adventures. Clean Trek is perfect for cleaning hiking and camping equipment, technical gear, personal hygiene, hunting equipment, RVs, and more.

Fresh air, a good fire and close friends is your idea of the ideal getaway.

You Are Our People.


Clean Trek utilizes field proven, bio-engineered scrubbing compounds that actually attract and attack the molecules that produce odor. Clean Trek keeps working on odor sources long after it dries, so odors don't return. The sources of odors are neutralized and all that remains is the pleasantly light Mountain Moss scent. Outdoor adventures into the backcountry don't have to be accompanied by odors from gear and clothing, when you use new Clean Trek.  Eliminate odors from your body, technical gear, clothing, boots, tent or RV with quick and easy Clean Trek odor eliminating products.  Scientifically formulated to eliminate odors at the source and inhibit the growth of future odor sources…So your next adventure can be odor free with Clean Trek.

Scientifically engineered to destroy the toughest human odors. As an added benefit, Clean Trek attacks a broad spectrum of environmental odors for complete odor control.

Clean Trek gives odors the One-two punch. first, our deodorizers attack and eliminate human and environmental odors. then, clean treks light, mountain moss fragrance leaves a trace of mountain air behind.

Clean Trek not only eliminates odors, but it resists and inhibits the growth of new odors.


Enjoying the great outdoors is an extremely important part of many peoples lives, smelling that way is not.